Making Lunch

  • Middle Man Middle Man
  • Dishwasher Dishwasher
  • Ketchup Label Designer Ketchup Label Designer
  • Baker Baker
  • Pickle Guy Pickle Guy

It's lunchtime, and whether you're eating at a roadside diner, a chichi outdoor cafe, or your own kitchen table, making lunch is a lot more complicated than you think. While you're waiting for your burger and fries and strawberry shake, consider how many people were needed to make that happen.

Who are they? They're farmers and truckers and bottlers and bakers and cooks and dishwashers and everybody in between. They belong to a vast network of people you've never met, each with a unique perspective and story to tell. This is your chance to get acquainted.

David and David pick up the oily mess we leave behind.
John picks the prodce that winds up in Green Market salads.
Maria says her life's an adventure and the diner a good place to start.

Miguel's college studies of deviant psychology comes in handy.


Santiago came here from Ecuador and thinks his job's a breeze.


Lloyd has learned a lot in teh 25 years he's owned his restaurant.